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Tight Knot specializes in the design and construction of custom residential spaces in New Hampshire and surrounding areas. The company began with a focus on wood construction and decks, and later expanded into custom built-ins, architectural renovations, additions, and custom home building. Tight Knot is now solely focused on designing and building custom homes. The team is led by Adam Lans, who is a trained architect and experienced carpenter. The idea behind the company is to eliminate the homeowners' need to hire different designers and builders for their project. With one skilled design-builder, the homeowner has the protection of streamlined cost, communication, and a coherent project vision. Tight Knot is particularly different than other design-builders in that the company is driven by the founder's design philosophy and training. All concepts are focused on space and the user's experience first. This means that concepts are driven by functionality, where the art of the projects lie within the details of how the components come together. This way of thinking is rooted in modern architect Mies Van Der Rohe's saying, "Less is More." This philosophy requires careful execution, and a collaborative design process between the homeowner, the designer, and the place. This philosophy is applied to each project, no matter how big or small. This thinking can also be utilized to reduce costs as well. Each project reflects a vision suitable for the homeowners' most base living needs, and for the character of their home and life. If you appreciate our work, and are thinking of a project, we encourage you to reach out to us. We want to work with anyone who wants what we do.


Full design and build services for custom homes in New Hampshire.

Adam Lans, Owner



Annie Henry, Office Manager 


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